Urban Green Space — News and Press Releases

Date Title/Source Organization Category
02-17-2017 Accessible parks — Houston Chronicle , , ,
02-04-2017 Super Bowl shining spotlight on Houston park success story — Houston Chronicle
01-30-2017 A Changing Houston Puts Its Best Face Forward as Super Bowl Nears — Wall Street Journal
01-23-2017 The Ultimate Guide to Buffalo Bayou Park — Houstonia Magazine
01-23-2017 Buffalo Bayou Wasn’t Always a Walk in the Park — Houstonia Magazine
01-10-2017 Local park conservancy to get $2M from Kinder Foundation, H-E-B, endowment — Houston Business Journal
01-10-2017 Emancipation Park project gets additional $2 million — Houston Chronicle
01-09-2017 The Emancipation Park Conservancy Receives Multi-Year Financial Commitment from the Kinder Foundation and Houston Endowment
01-04-2017 Start the New Year off right: Take a walk in Houston’s most distinctive new park — CultureMap
12-29-2016 The time to start building Houston 2036 is now — Houston Chronicle , , , , , ,
12-09-2016 Houston’s Secret Underground Super Bowl Art: Historic Relic Serves as the Eerie Setting — Paper City ,
12-08-2016 Two-mile trail extension on White Oak Bayou Greenway opens Friday — Houston Chronicle
12-01-2016 Dallas’ Trinity River Park will be massive, looks a lot like Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Park — Houston Chronicle
12-01-2016 Downtown illuminated: winter art at Discovery Green
11-14-2016 Groups provide ‘spark’ to create park — Houston Chronicle
11-01-2016 Rain: Magdalena Fernández at the Houston Cistern , , ,
11-01-2016 Buffalo Bayou Cistern about to light up — Houston Chronicle
10-13-2016 New park gives Westchase families reason to cheer — Houston Chronicle
09-21-2016 $5 million gift to fund 30 SPARK parks around Houston — Houston Chronicle
09-21-2016 SPARK receives record donation of $5 million to invest in ‘park deserts’ throughout the Houston region
08-02-2016 Paradise under the expressway — Curbed
05-04-2016 Google launches new views of Houston parks — Houston Chronicle ,
04-08-2016 Houston’s Wealth Drives A Culture Of Philanthropy — Forbes , ,
04-01-2016 Houston Parks Board hires a nationally known president — Houston Chronicle
03-11-2016 Ups and Downs (green space) — Houston Chronicle , ,
03-10-2016 Houston stakes a claim as the nation’s Emerald City — Houston Chronicle , ,
02-15-2016 Houston City Parks “Hidden Gems”: Inside some must-see green spaces — KTRK ABC 13
02-11-2016 36 Hours in Houston — New York Times
02-05-2016 Kinder Foundation Director of Parks and Civic Projects to join panel discussion at The Cultural Landscape Foundation conference
01-21-2016 Houston’s Big Green Transformation — Huffington Post ,
01-11-2016 Kinder Foundation brings high-level players on board — Houston Business Journal ,
01-11-2016 6 Cities Designing for Health — YES Magazine
12-02-2015 BORN ON THE BAYOU: Houston’s $215 million Bayou Greenways project shows progress. — The Architect's Newspaper ,
11-20-2015 Houston Goes Global With New World-Class Parks And Bayous — Forbes , ,
11-09-2015 Record-breaking Buffalo Bayou Partnership gala celebrates new park and those who made it happen — CultureMap
10-07-2015 The Texas Miracle wasn’t just economic; it was philanthropic — Philanthropy Roundtable , ,
10-06-2015 Partying starts early, goes late for official opening of $58 million Buffalo Bayou Park — CultureMap
10-04-2015 Buffalo Bayou becomes prime city destination — Houston Chronicle
10-03-2015 Photos: Buffalo Bayou Park Grand Opening — KHOU Channel 11
10-03-2015 Buffalo Bayou Park marks completion
10-02-2015 Editorial: Buffalo Bayou — Houston Chronicle
10-01-2015 Buffalo Bayou Park gives Houstonians a new perspective on the city — Houston Chronicle
09-23-2015 Green Acres — Texas Monthly , , ,
09-22-2015 Walk in the park at Lost Lake reserved for donors and partners at $58 million Buffalo Bayou Park — CultureMap Houston
09-18-2015 America’s city rankings set for Texas-sized shake up; Houston to edge past Chicago — Reuters
08-13-2015 Allen Parkway renovations to widen bayou park access — Your Houston News
08-01-2015 Ups and Downs (Buffalo Bayou Park) — Houston Chronicle
07-15-2015 Maravilloso! at Discovery Green
06-18-2015 The Emancipation Park project marks a special place in the celebration of Juneteenth — Houston Chronicle
05-28-2015 Bayou park weathers flood well, but grand opening delayed — Houston Chronicle
05-14-2015 How to make sure philanthropy pays off , , ,
05-04-2015 Discovery Green marks its 7th birthday
04-12-2015 Celebrity music legend builds the anticipation for The Art Car Parade: Close encounters with a star — CultureMap
04-05-2015 First ‘Bayou Greenway Day’ highlights Houston’s waterways — Houston Chronicle
03-31-2015 “Buffalo Bayou’s Back” — Buffalo Bayou Park complete in June 2015
03-29-2015 As the Buffalo Bayou Partnership finishes projects, it presses on with others — Houston Chronicle
03-28-2015 Why Houston is spending millions to take a walk in the park — Houston Business Journal , ,
03-03-2015 Rich and Nancy Kinder open up on foundation’s biggest projects — Houston Business Journal , , , ,
02-27-2015 What Dallas can learn from Houston’s Buffalo Bayou for the Trinity River project — Dallas Morning News
11-20-2014 Construction Progress on Emancipation Park
11-11-2014 Conde Nast – Is Houston the New ‘It’ City? — Conde Nast ,
11-05-2014 Construction Progress on Emancipation Park
08-23-2014 Noted restaurateurs take their talent down by the bayou — Houston Chronicle
07-29-2014 Private Event Space and ‘Grab and Go’ Planned at Buffalo Bayou Park
07-25-2014 The Bayou Greenways Plan: A Game-Changer for Houston — StreetsBlog USA
05-30-2014 Loving freeways: Free Press Summer Fest reveals an embrace of Houston’s sky-high roads — Houston Chronicle
05-14-2014 Cities try to restore wildness to urban rivers — Wall Street Journal/Associated Press
03-25-2014 Recapture the vision: Buffalo Bayou Park needs the historic Allen Parkway, not the speedway it has become — Houston Chronicle
12-12-2013 Running Notebook: Buffalo Bayou project adds asphalt trail — Houston Chronicle
11-20-2013 Have you been seen on the green? In its fifth year, park draws growing crowds — Houston Chronicle
11-09-2013 A vision of green for Houston — Your Houston News
11-04-2013 Houston Parks Get $50-Million to Create New Green Space — Chronicle of Philanthropy
11-03-2013 Friends of Emancipation Park hope renovation revitalizes neighborhood — Houston Chronicle
10-30-2013 Houston Philanthropists Donate $50-Million for Parks Project — The Chronicle of Philanthropy
10-28-2013 Mayor Parker leads groundbreaking $33M plan for Emancipation Park — examiner.com
10-25-2013 $33 Million Emancipation Park Renovation Project Will Celebrate the History of Oldest Park in the City of Houston
10-24-2013 King: Vision of parks, trails on bayou taking shape — Houston Chronicle
10-24-2013 Kinder Foundation Commits $50 Million to Houston Parks — Philanthropy News Digest
10-23-2013 Greenways projects underway as capital campaign begins — Houston Chronicle
10-23-2013 Kinders donate $50M to Houston’s Bayou Greenways project — Houston Business Journal
10-22-2013 Green for Greenspace: Rich and Nancy Kinder donate $50 million to ambitious parks plan — CultureMap
10-22-2013 Rich and Nancy Kinder Announce Plans to Donate $50 Million to Houston Parks Board for Bayou Greenways 2020 Project
10-16-2013 $50 million donation, maintenance pact to boost greenways project — Houston Chronicle
05-11-2013 Buffalo Bayou Park: a green urban gem in the works — Houston Chronicle
05-05-2013 Discovery Green keeps giving city a fresh image — Houston Chronicle
05-05-2013 Mandel, Hagstette: Houston parks enjoy a resurgence — Houston Chronicle
03-17-2013 Historic Emancipation Park overhaul is just part of the plan to reenergize the Third Ward — CultureMap
11-20-2012 Fund drive seeks to enhance Jaycee Park ‘oasis’ — Houston Chronicle
10-15-2012 Philanthropy on the Green — Philanthropy Magazine ,
10-05-2012 10 Great public spaces that set a city apart – slide show (Buffalo Bayou) — USA Today
10-04-2012 American Planning Association Designates Buffalo Bayou a Top 10 Great Public Space for 2012
10-03-2012 Planning group honors Buffalo Bayou as ‘great public space’ — Houston Chronicle
07-06-2012 Shovels ready to turn in Buffalo Bayou Park — Houston Chronicle
07-03-2012 Mayor Parker Makes Juneteenth Announcement About Donations for Renovation of Emancipation Park
06-30-2012 Multi-million dollar project to transform section of Buffalo Bayou — ABC 13 News
06-21-2012 Sweet Juneteenth: Mayor Park announces $33.6 million plan to renovate Emancipation Park — CultureMap
12-20-2011 Buffalo Bayou Park Project Achieves Milestone; Groundbreaking Set for Mid-2012
12-16-2011 Project to transfrom stretch of Buffalo Bayou into ‘jewel’ — Houston Chronicle
12-14-2011 Major Buffalo Bayou Park transformation gets green light from Houston Council — Houston Community Newspaper
10-12-2011 Residents can preview park improvements — Houston Chronicle
02-14-2011 Beautifying Buffalo Bayou — Houston Chronicle