Houston Parks Board — News and Press Releases

Date Title/Source Organization Category
05-22-2024 Award-Winning Design Firm Selected to Lead Historic Renovation of Houston’s MacGregor Park
05-17-2024 Landscape architect shares vision for MacGregor Park’s $54 million renovation plan — Houston Chronicle
12-13-2023 MacGregor Park, an iconic space in Houston, due for a $54 million renovation — Houston Chronicle
12-13-2023 Kinder Foundation makes catalyst gift of $27M for MacGregor Park’s $54M transformation — Houston Business Journal
12-13-2023 Historic MacGregor Park to Receive Long-Planned Improvements Based on Community Feedback
02-18-2023 Little-known Halls Bayou to transform with nearly 600-tree reforestation effort — Houston Chronicle
09-23-2022 Meet the couple behind Houston’s $281M transformation through new park amenities and green spaces — Houston Chronicle , , , , , ,
05-09-2022 New segment of Sims Bayou Greenway now complete and open — Houston Chronicle
02-07-2020 Building the Bayou Greenways: Greens Bayou
02-06-2020 Massive $220 Million Green Project Aims to Make Houston More Beautiful — and Less Car Dependent — PaperCity
12-13-2019 Public Space Philanthropy is Having a Moment — Barrons
11-07-2019 Building the Bayou Greenways: Conservation and Maintenance
10-15-2019 How Houston’s Bayou Trails Are Designed To Flood — Houston Public Media
10-07-2019 Building the Bayou Greenways: White Oak Bayou ,
08-26-2019 Building the Bayou Greenways: Hunting Bayou
07-15-2019 Building the Bayou Greenways: Sims Bayou
06-16-2019 How Small, Metal Markers Aim To Improve Safety On Houston’s Bayou Trails — Houston Public Media
06-07-2019 Building the Bayou Greenways: Brays Bayou
05-30-2019 Bayou Greenways 2020 Linking Parks, Adding Trails, Transforming Underused Land By Houston Waterways — Forbes
05-16-2019 Houston Just Got Three New Bayou Greenways Trails — Houstonia Magazine
01-28-2019 Houstonians Will Be Able to Bike and Walk 150 Miles of New Trails in 2020 — Houstonia Magazine
09-19-2018 How new bayou trails are connecting ‘forgotten’ Houston — Houston Chronicle
11-22-2017 Houston undergoing a green-space renaissance — Houston Chronicle
10-03-2017 Strong public-private partnerships key to rebuilding after Harvey , , ,
10-01-2017 Strong public-private partnerships key to rebuilding after Harvey — Houston Chronicle , ,
08-29-2017 Buffalo Bayou Park and designing a resilient future for Houston — Curbed , ,
07-26-2017 City to spend $450K for 1.5 acres of park land for southwest Houston — Houston Chronicle ,
02-17-2017 Accessible parks — Houston Chronicle , , ,
12-08-2016 Two-mile trail extension on White Oak Bayou Greenway opens Friday — Houston Chronicle
05-04-2016 Google launches new views of Houston parks — Houston Chronicle ,
12-02-2015 BORN ON THE BAYOU: Houston’s $215 million Bayou Greenways project shows progress. — The Architect's Newspaper ,
11-20-2015 Houston Goes Global With New World-Class Parks And Bayous — Forbes , ,
09-23-2015 Green Acres — Texas Monthly , , ,
05-04-2015 The Bayou City — Urban Land Magazine (May) ,
04-05-2015 First ‘Bayou Greenway Day’ highlights Houston’s waterways — Houston Chronicle
03-28-2015 Why Houston is spending millions to take a walk in the park — Houston Business Journal , ,
07-25-2014 The Bayou Greenways Plan: A Game-Changer for Houston — StreetsBlog USA
11-09-2013 A vision of green for Houston — Your Houston News
11-04-2013 Houston Parks Get $50-Million to Create New Green Space — Chronicle of Philanthropy
10-30-2013 Houston Philanthropists Donate $50-Million for Parks Project — The Chronicle of Philanthropy
10-24-2013 King: Vision of parks, trails on bayou taking shape — Houston Chronicle
10-24-2013 Kinder Foundation Commits $50 Million to Houston Parks — Philanthropy News Digest
10-23-2013 Greenways projects underway as capital campaign begins — Houston Chronicle
10-23-2013 Kinders donate $50M to Houston’s Bayou Greenways project — Houston Business Journal
10-22-2013 Green for Greenspace: Rich and Nancy Kinder donate $50 million to ambitious parks plan — CultureMap
10-22-2013 Rich and Nancy Kinder Announce Plans to Donate $50 Million to Houston Parks Board for Bayou Greenways 2020 Project
10-16-2013 $50 million donation, maintenance pact to boost greenways project — Houston Chronicle