Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium — News and Press Releases

Date Title/Source Organization Category
11-27-2019 In the historic Third Ward, a fight for affordable housing [Opinion] — Houston Chronicle ,
06-05-2019 Houston Flood Czar: Stopping Development In 100-Year Floodplain “Not Going To Happen” — Houston Public Media
04-26-2019 After Harvey, we must change more than how we react to flood risk to thrive amid coming climate challenges — Houston Chronicle
04-16-2019 Rethinking Water Detention and Development Regulations in Greater Houston. — Houston Matters ,
04-16-2019 Reports: Development rules still fall short after Hurricane Harvey — Houston Chronicle
03-25-2019 Report: Close To Half A Million Harris County Residents Live In Units At Risk Of Flooding — Houston Public Media
03-21-2019 Study: More than 475,000 Harris County residents live in units at risk of flooding — Houston Chronicle
03-11-2019 Flood control should protect people over property [Opinion] — Houston Chronicle
08-26-2018 One year after Harvey, what has Texas accomplished on flooding? [Editorial] — Houston Chronicle
04-16-2018 How can Houston live with the certainty of flooding? — Houston Chronicle
04-05-2018 Full Show: Flood Mitigation Tactics, And Dealing With Towing Companies — Houston Public Media
04-05-2018 Report: Houston region must take fresh approach on flooding — Houston Chronicle
02-03-2018 Area-specific flood alerts give residents time to save lives, property — Houston Chronicle
12-22-2017 How Disaster Charity Can Pivot to Sustainable Philanthropy — New York Times ,
12-18-2017 Area Researchers Want To Implement A New Flood Warning System For Greater Houston — Houston Public Media - Houston Matters
11-16-2017 Gray Matters: To fight flooding in Houston we have to think big — Houston Chronicle
10-27-2017 Houston comes together to figure out flooding — Houston Chronicicle
10-01-2017 Strong public-private partnerships key to rebuilding after Harvey — Houston Chronicle , ,