Watch: Dr. Marc L. Boom on the importance of leadership in a partisan world

Kinder Foundation team members recently attended the Greater Houston Partnership’s 2023 annual meeting. We had the honor of hearing from Dr. Marc L. Boom, board chair-elect of Greater Houston Partnership and CEO of Houston Methodist, who spoke about the importance of responsible leadership in an ever-partisan world.

Dr. Boom shared that the “irresistible siren call today in our country is constant, unnecessary conflict and disagreement. Our political parties can’t resist this siren song, our press can’t resist this siren song, and most people can’t resist this siren song.”

The antidote, he wisely urges Houston’s business and community leaders, is to be more like Odysseus, “portrayed by Homer as wise, eloquent, resourceful, courageous, a voice of reason and self-restraint.” Dr. Boom says, “we must be wise leaders who use a focus of the culture in our institutions and in our communities to improve the world we live in. We have a profound responsibility to bring and model balance and moderation to our communities.”

Find the entirety of Dr. Boom’s impactful and important speech below.

Checking in with 2011 Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient Keith Desrosiers

It has been a pleasure catching up with some of our past KETA recipients. Today, we are excited to feature Keith Desrosiers, the director of mathematics at Yes Prep Public Schools an one of our 2011 KETA winners. You can read more about Keith, below.

What has been occupying your time lately (personal or professional)?

Professionally, my team and I have spent a lot of time improving upon the curricular resources that we provide for our Math Teachers. We have created more engaging blended learning opportunities which will provide students in all grade levels with an opportunity to further develop their thinking and communication skills. We have aligned our assessments for STAAR-Tested courses to better prepare students for the redesigned STAAR assessment they will be taking in Spring of 2023. I also spend as much time as possible on campuses observing, coaching, and growing our teachers. Continue reading “Checking in with 2011 Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient Keith Desrosiers”