Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University

Under the direction of the leadership team—Director Bill Fulton, Founding Director Stephen Klineberg, and Associate Director of Research Ruth Lopez-Turley—the Kinder Institute for Urban Research builds better cities and improves people’s lives by bringing together data, research, engagement, and action.

Endowed with a $15 million gift in 2010 from the foundation, the Institute provides analysis on a range of pressing urban issues such as education, transportation, health, development, resiliency, immigration, and more. In addition to the long-running Kinder Houston Area Survey, the Institute produces research and leads the conversation on topics important to Houston, Sunbelt cities and all urban areas.

In 2018, the foundation contributed $6 million toward the future home of the school of sciences at the university, which will bring together its departments and institutes for the purposes of research and collaboration.

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