Checking in with 2011 Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient Keith Desrosiers

It has been a pleasure catching up with some of our past KETA recipients. Today, we are excited to feature Keith Desrosiers, the director of mathematics at Yes Prep Public Schools an one of our 2011 KETA winners. You can read more about Keith, below.

What has been occupying your time lately (personal or professional)?

Professionally, my team and I have spent a lot of time improving upon the curricular resources that we provide for our Math Teachers. We have created more engaging blended learning opportunities which will provide students in all grade levels with an opportunity to further develop their thinking and communication skills. We have aligned our assessments for STAAR-Tested courses to better prepare students for the redesigned STAAR assessment they will be taking in Spring of 2023. I also spend as much time as possible on campuses observing, coaching, and growing our teachers.

What has been your greatest win this current school year?

The greatest win this year has been seeing the academic gains that our middle school students are making. For students in Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, and Algebra I, our Common Assessment results this year were even stronger than they were last year. I attribute these gains to several factors: the increases focus on discourse and writing in all Math courses, the support my team is offering through curricular resources, the inclusion of IXL as a learning platform that allows for more effective differentiation in the classroom, and the never-ending coaching and support that my team offers to all of our teachers.

What is on the horizon for you as an educator?

For the past several years, I have served as an adjunct professor of Mathematics with the Relay New York City and the Relay Online programs. I have been able to work with more than 200 secondary Math Teachers as they pursue their Master’s Degree in Education. I plan to continue exploring opportunities to grow as a professor and educational leader. #NeverFinishedLearning.