2019 Year in Review: Kinder Institute for Urban Research

Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research (KIUR) continues to extend the reach and impact of its work in Houston and beyond.

The Kinder Institute released 16 reports in 2019, covering critical issues, which included street safety, food insecurity, the impact of arts education, and housing voucher mobility. Nearly 2,500 people attended the Institute’s public programs on transportation, education, housing and public infrastructure. Another 1,750 attended the annual luncheon to hear the results of the 38th Kinder Houston Area Survey. In collaboration with Greater Houston Community Foundation, KIUR launched the Understanding Houston platform, which holds more than 200 visual indicators on key topics affecting the quality of life of Houstonians. Its online Urban Edge blog continued to be a valuable source of news and information, highlighting local and national research, trends and perspectives.

There is much to anticipate in 2020! This year, the institute will celebrate its 10th anniversary and move into its new home, Kraft Hall, on the Rice campus.

This blog post was repurposed with permission from the Kinder Institute for Urban Research’s year-in-review email communication, sent December 19, 2019.