houston parks — News and Press Releases

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12-13-2023 Historic MacGregor Park to Receive Long-Planned Improvements Based on Community Feedback
11-06-2023 Tall Stories 382: Memorial Park, Houston — The Urbanist
10-07-2023 Houston deserves better parks. Here’s how to pay for them. (Opinion) — Houston Chronicle
09-29-2023 Houston residents willing to pay more for city parks, Rice Kinder Institute survey shows
02-10-2023 Houston‚Äôs New Land Bridge at Memorial Park Has Everyone Talking — Texas Highways
09-23-2022 Meet the couple behind Houston’s $281M transformation through new park amenities and green spaces — Houston Chronicle , , , , , ,
02-01-2021 Houston philanthropists donate $5 million to SPARK Park effort — Houston Chronicle