Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou has a rich history as the site of the Allen Brothers’ founding of the city. Today, the 32-mile Buffalo Bayou provides some of the city’s most remarkable topography running west through downtown and out to the Katy Prairie.

Inspired by Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s Sabine Promenade project and the organization’s 2002 Master Plan, the foundation approached Buffalo Bayou Partnership in 2010 to serve as the catalyst funder with a grant of $30 million for improvements to the existing 160-acre, 2.3 mile stretch of the bayou from Shepherd Drive to Sabine Street. The project goal was to restore the area to a more natural and self-sustaining state, reintroduce native landscapes, and add amenities to enhance safety and convenience for visitors.

Buffalo Bayou Partnership, working collaboratively with the City of Houston and the Harris County Flood Control District, completed park improvements in October 2015. The park is a popular destination for runners, cyclists, and families, in addition to serving as the site for citywide celebrations. Furthermore, park designers have earned numerous awards and accolades for its resilient design including Urban Land Institute’s Global Award for Excellence.

In 2022, in partnership with Sis and Hasty Johnson, Kinder Foundation funded a new and improved Bayou-Vac, a custom-designed and fabricated boat provides a substantial boost to BBP’s bayou cleanup operation, known as the Clean & Green Program.


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