Third Ward Houston

The Kinder Foundation actively supports the community development and preservation of Houston’s historic Third Ward.

Emancipation Park

The foundation provided early funding for the renovation of Emancipation Park, one of Houston’s most historically significant parks, and in 2016, affirmed its commitment to quality greenspace for all Houstonians by granting the Emancipation Park Conservancy funding to further park programming and operations. Read about the rededication of Emancipation Park in June 2017.

Young Mothers Residential Program/Project Row Houses

A 2016 grant from the foundation to the Young Mothers Residential Program at Project Row Houses affords young, single mothers with support to pursue their education and fulfill their career ambitions. The program provides a culturally rich environment in which residents develop healthy, holistic living practices and cultivate a sense of positive energy and self-worth. Read more about the program here.

Depictions of families in the Young Mothers Residential Program from The Faces of PRH, an installation by 2016 Summer Studios resident Caroline Ryan. Photos by Alex Barber, courtesy of Project Row Houses.

Lawson Academy and Yellowstone Academy

Lawson Academy/WALIPP Preparatory Academy, a charter school encouraging the continued quality education of young students in the Third Ward, uses a creative academic curriculum focused on middle school students—growing a strong community, one scholar at a time. The foundation committed $1 million matching gift toward the capital campaign for the construction of the academy.

The foundation also contributed a grant in 2017 to Yellowstone Academy, the premier Christian private school in the Third Ward serving pre-K3 through 8thgrade students, to close its campaign and support the school’s overall efforts to offer its educational model to even more families. Read more about Yellowstone Academy.

Emancipation Economic Development Council

With $1.8 million in support from the foundation in 2016, the Emancipation Community Development Partnership funded feasibility studies targeting affordable housing, equitable economic development and ongoing community planning and setting the stage for new investments and initiatives in these areas in the near future. The foundation went on to commit funding toward the Emancipation Economic Development Council’s seven “early impact projects” which include programs encouraging sustainable employment for local residents; feasibility of and reception to small affordable housing units; and other neighborhood improvement initiatives.

PRH Preservation, Inc.

With initial funding of $2 million from the foundation in 2018, Project Row Houses formed PRH Preservation, Inc. to ensure historic housing stock is being preserved in the Third Ward.

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