Buffalo Bayou Park receives top honor, subject of new documentary

Buffalo Bayou Park continues to receive national accolades and attention, most recently from the non-profit Waterfront Center at their annual Excellence on the Waterfront Conference held October 21. 

The park, which the awards jury called “one of the most dramatic (waterfront) transformations that has occurred anywhere in the U.S.,” received the Top Honor Award for its sensitivity of the design to water, quality and harmony of design, civic contribution, environmental values, cultural enrichment, and degree of difficulty.

Additionally, Waterfront Center released the trailer for its documentary, Waterfront Reborn, which prominently features Buffalo Bayou Park. In the video, Guy Hagstette, Kinder Foundation Director of Parks and Civic Projects and the consultant who oversaw the creation of Buffalo Bayou Park, said of the public/private partnership that made the park possible, “Something that Houston is really good at is bringing people together; bringing government, philanthropy, private citizens, and the business community together to get something done.” See the full documentary below: