A memorable week at the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy

Chancellor Bowen Loftin and Mr. Kinder at the Oct. 8 gift announcement

The Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy had a memorable week in October 2015. On Oct. 7, the Institute hosted a free lecture by two-time Pulitzer-Prize-winning author David McCullough at the Missouri Theatre with lines stretching around the building. The following morning, on Oct. 8, the Institute’s benefactor, Rich Kinder, BA ’66, JD ’68, announced a $25 million gift from the Kinder Foundation, a family foundation established by he and his wife Nancy Kinder, to fund the program in perpetuity and allow the university to hire additional new faculty to expand the programs of the institute serve in it. Of the gift, Kinder said, “Future generations should have the opportunity to study and understand the history and importance of how our country and government system was created.” You can read more about the lecture and the gift announcement, or view the full announcement below.